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This page is dedicated to you: Professor Rashad Barsoum, with quotes from people who really care about you and wanted to show it in a most simple form... Enjoy

Mona Tawfik

Nadine Barsoum

Happy Birthday Pappy! Love, Goofy

Samira Moussa (Mother in law)

Mireille Barsoum

The Sharobimes

Maged Barsoum

Mohsen Barsoum

Sally & Mariam Barsoum (Nieces)

Mona Shenouda

Rafik Rashad (Doctor in the CKC)

Tarek Fayad (Doctor in the CKC & Kasr El Einy)

Mariam El Daba (Doctor in King Fahd Hospital & CKC)

Doaa Soliman (Friend)

Magdoleen Habib (CKC Secretary)

Maggie Said (Doctory in Kasr El Einy Hospitals)

CKC Sales Manager

Ihab Wasfy (CKC Head Accountant)

Amgad Ihab - Medical Student (Class 2000)

Soha (ISN Secretary)

Mariam (CKC secretary)